Tori Breitling
UX/Product Designer

Side Projects

Time away from the screen. Mostly.

I love learning and making. In the past, that's meant film and music making. Currently, I'm into woodworking, art making, and experimenting with combining the digital world with practical objects. I'm also very, very good at fixing things.

Product design (in progress)
DayXday: a mindfulness calendar
The current form for DayxDay: an infinity calendar that inspires mindfulness through daily inspiration

The current form for DayxDay: an infinity calendar that inspires mindfulness through daily inspiration

The first form and trigger prototype

The first form and trigger prototype

Day x day prototyping

After seeing an infinity calendar in a stationery store, I began to think about the marking of time, and how an analog method might be combined with a digital component.

What if each day you were given a inspiration message? It could be a quote, an affirmation, or any sort of quick text that could set the tone and intention for the day.

I already had a box of Arduinos, wires and an assortment of electronics for prototyping, but no sensors that might work. I did some exploring, and discovered something called a "hall" sensor that could be turned on and off with magnets. Cool! What if a "day" star marker could have magnets embedded that would trigger an led, and then a message?

Triggering the led

Here the LED is triggered by the magnets in the star.

int hallPin = 2;
int ledPin = 13;void setup() {
}void loop() {
int hallPinState = digitalRead(hallPin);
Serial.println("hallPinState: "+String(hallPinState));
digitalWrite(ledPin, !hallPinState);

Side Projects

Tracking days

The next step was finding a way to trigger 31 different positions from 31 hall sensors.

The happy path is this: on any given day the user moves the star trigger to the current day. The calendar determines if the position is correct, and if so, then turns on the LED and delivers the message. An incorrect day or attempting to trigger future messages or past message don't invoke a message. However, the LEDs do show days that were engaged with on that month.

Using an ESP32 module, I could connect the calendar to WIFI, and thus enable a limitless number of messages or categories of messages.

Triggering a message on a 16x2 LCD

Side Projects

Next steps

Using four shift registers allowing the ability to track 32 inputs. I need 31 inputs for days, so the last one I plan on using for set-up.

Getting a PCB board made in the right form factor is my next step. I'm currently looking for help with this part.