Tori Breitling
UX/Product Designer



I had a number of engagements with Process39, which was a boutique UX shop in San Francisco. I worked with them on a few different projects for Xtime, which made white-label software for the automotive industry. 

Key activities and deliverables:

  • Client meetings
  • Green field concepts within frameworks P39 had established

Sketch and high fidelity

Sketch and high fidelity

Service Bay Scheduler Low/High Fidelity

A sketch and supporting design which shows a service manager’s dashboard view

  • At a glance view at different phases of car repair: waiting for service, cars that are waiting for parts, and cars that need follow up with the customer
  • Each record shows basic information (including car color so that the service manager can quickly identify cars in the bays or on the rack), as well as the ability to click into detailed information for a selected record
  • allows filtering by status
  • log of activity
Year view

Year view

Consumer portal concept

This wireframe explores several goals:
  • provide visibility into the car’s maintenance history
  • provide visibility into the car’s upcoming maintenance
  • provide a easy-to-reference record of maintenance documents
  • allow filtering by maintenance type and date range
XTime screens

Consumer portal concept, 3 month view

XTime screens

Service bay scheduling capacity.